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Be Smart About Your Passwords

Recently, I went online to place a take-out order from a local restaurant. After I selected my dishes, I was prompted to set up an account with a user ID and password. Here it was again: a need to create and keep track of yet another password. There was no avoiding this step to place […]

Sharpen Your Financial Acumen

Now is the time to sharpen your financial acumen. April is National Financial Literacy Month. This month-long focus on money is an effort to help Americans of all ages understand the importance of handling money wisely and giving them the skills to do so. Why is this important? Many Americans are heading towards financial crisis. […]

Know Your Rights When Planning a Funeral

When a loved one dies, grieving family and friends are often faced with having to make funeral decisions quickly. Not many of us have prior experience planning funerals. This, combined with the emotional duress of our loved one’s death, make it easy for consumers to purchase unnecessary or unwanted services, and pay more than necessary. […]

Three types of Fraud 2

The following article is from the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) Fraud takes an enormous financial, as well as emotional, toll on victims. It can destroy businesses and ruin financial lives. According to the Insurance Information Institute,following the introduction of microchip equipped credit cards in 2015 in the United States, which make the […]

Two Ways to Express your Love

Valentine’s Day is a time when we express our love with flowers, chocolate, dinner, and cards. We continue to express our love every day through many ordinary tasks: making and sharing meals, offering to run an errand, shoveling the front walk, listening when someone needs to talk. The list is endless. When it comes to […]