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Mind Over Money: Fascinating Insights Into the Psychology of Money

When your friends do a favor for you, should you pay them? When choosing a pain reliever, should you buy a name brand or the generic? If you are working as a waiter, how can you get a bigger tip? These questions are examined in Claudia Hammond’s book, Mind Over Money, The psychology of Money […]

A Guide to End of Life Planning: Facing the Finish

Sheri Samotin’s book, Facing the Finish, A Road Map for Aging Parents and Adult Children, is an essential guide to end of life planning. “One of the biggest mistakes I see is folks who wait too long,” says Samotin. “By the time they decide what they want to do, their choices are more limited and […]

“Money Rules” – Sound Bites of Sound Advice

“You will spend more with credit than with debit and more with debit than with cash.” This is Rule #18 in Jean Chatzky’s book, Money Rules: The Simple Path to Lifelong Security.  Chatzky is a bestselling author and the financial editor for NBC’s Today Show.  She compiled a list of financial “rules” gathered from her […]