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Be Smart About Your Passwords

Recently, I went online to place a take-out order from a local restaurant. After I selected my dishes, I was prompted to set up an account with a user ID and password. Here it was again: a need to create and keep track of yet another password. There was no avoiding this step to place […]

Three types of Fraud 2

The following article is from the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) Fraud takes an enormous financial, as well as emotional, toll on victims. It can destroy businesses and ruin financial lives. According to the Insurance Information Institute,following the introduction of microchip equipped credit cards in 2015 in the United States, which make the […]

Equifax Breach & Protecting Yourself

Note: This is a guest blog originally posted by my colleague Alison Salisbury, President and Founder of Fiscally Fit, Inc. in Los Altos, California.  Between Equifax and the Yahoo breaches, millions of Americans and billions of accounts were exposed. Rather than rant and rave about how security violations happen, I’d like to focus on how […]

Too Good to Be True: The Bill Paying Scam

Just as I completed my last blog about protecting yourself against scams, I came across this warning from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC):  The FTC warns con artists are targeting church communities with a bill paying scam. Since assisting clients with bill paying is one of my services, I was greatly concerned. The FTC says […]

Protect Yourself from Scams: Stop and Think

If scamming people wasn’t so profitable, there wouldn’t be so many con artists tricking people out of their money. There are many types of scams. Here are three which recently happened in my world: 1. My mother answered the phone to this greeting: “Hi Grandma, I’m in Florida to attend a funeral.” Evidently my child […]

Is your smart phone secure? Plus, it’s Financial Literacy Month!

Is your smart phone secure? Could you be hacked and your personal information (including banking information) be stolen? This recent AP article explains how to protect yourself: —————— April is “Financial Literacy Month.” Take this short quiz to test your financial literacy. The national average score is 2.88 out of 5. Can you do […]

The Latest Tax Scams and How to Protect Yourself

Two years ago my husband was a victim of tax-related identity theft. This is the Number 1 scam on the IRS list of “Dirty Dozen” tax scams. Updated annually, here is the 2016 list. 1. Identity Theft – tax returns filed using a stolen Social Security number to claim a fraudulent refund. 2. Phone Scams – […]