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Seven Sure Fire Tips for Financial Peace of Mind

A new year and a fresh start is upon us. Now is a good time to get your financial organization in shape. Here are seven tips to bring you peace of mind 1.Fashion a filing system. It doesn’t matter whether you use a filing cabinet, an electronic system or both. The point is to organize […]

10 Ways to Protect Yourself When Banking Online

These days we can conduct most of our financial business online and on our phones. Doing so, however, means we need to protect ourselves from potential fraud. Whether you are reviewing transactions, paying bills, sending money to a friend, or giving travel dates to your credit card company, here are 10 things you can do […]

How to Keep Your Children from Fighting Over Your Money

Adult children fighting over their parent’s money: this is one of the saddest, yet common, things I witness in my work as a daily money manager. In some cases, one or more of the children have a sense of entitlement, not understanding that their parents’ money is not theirs. In other cases, some of the […]

Help Others Help You: Prepare an Inventory

When I opened the door to my client’s apartment, knew I was in for a treasure hunt. Tim was a new client, and I needed to quickly understand his legal and financial situation. He was in a nursing home and unable to communicate. I spent hours looking through his papers for clues. Many of us […]

Simplify Your Loved One’s Bank Accounts

When Caroline began helping her mother with bill-paying, she was quickly overwhelmed. “I couldn’t believe the mess. Mom had four bank accounts and several credit cards,” she said. “There was no system to her bill paying.” In her late 80’s and suffering from macular degeneration, Caroline’s mother randomly paid bills from the first checkbook she […]

Finding Success in the Minefield of New Year’s (Money) Resolutions

2016! A new year with new possibilities. For many people, this is the time to resolve to spend less, save more, start budgeting, or live within their means. Reining in expenses is work, takes time, and can be tightly entwined with emotions. How can you make this resolution a success? Setting up a budget and […]

How to Switch Banks

Do you want to switch banks? Does just the idea make your head spin? If you have many automated reoccurring transactions, switching banks can be a challenge. I recently changed my primary bank. Why did I switch? Convenience. My old bank had a branch in the town where I previously lived – 10 years ago.  […]

Are You Throwing Away Money? Avoiding Overdraft Fees

Bank overdraft fees can zing you as much as $35 a transaction. If you have more than one overdraft before you replenish your account, the fees can add up quickly. An “overdraft” happens when you withdraw funds from your checking account and you don’t have enough money to cover the transaction. Accounts can be overdrawn […]