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Should You Automate Your Parents’ Bill Paying?

Handwriting checks is time consuming. Many of us no longer write checks to pay our own bills. If you are helping a parent or an older loved-one with bill paying, he or she may be resistant to newer methods. Paper checks are familiar to many seniors and make them feel safe. Should you transition your […]

Simplify Your Loved One’s Bank Accounts

When Caroline began helping her mother with bill-paying, she was quickly overwhelmed. “I couldn’t believe the mess. Mom had four bank accounts and several credit cards,” she said. “There was no system to her bill paying.” In her late 80’s and suffering from macular degeneration, Caroline’s mother randomly paid bills from the first checkbook she […]

Finding Success in the Minefield of New Year’s (Money) Resolutions

2016! A new year with new possibilities. For many people, this is the time to resolve to spend less, save more, start budgeting, or live within their means. Reining in expenses is work, takes time, and can be tightly entwined with emotions. How can you make this resolution a success? Setting up a budget and […]