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Five Easy Ways to Cut Expenses

Are you looking to save money this year? Now is a good time to review expenses and see what you can cut. Here are five ideas to help you on your way. 1. Drop Overdraft Protection This service is offered by banks and credit unions. Should you overdraw your account with an ATM or debit […]

Navigating the Unfathomable Complexities of Medicare

More than 95 percent of Americans aged 65 and older depend on Medicare for their health insurance coverage. With over 55 million people utilizing Medicare, you would think it would be simple to navigate. But, it is not. “There can be little about Medicare that is automatic or clear or, especially in the midst of […]

Five Steps to Receiving LTC Insurance Benefits

If you or your parents have a long-term care insurance policy, when can this insurance be used? How do you access the benefits? There are five steps to receiving long-term care (LTC) insurance benefits: 1) The policy holder triggers benefits. The policy holder becomes eligible to make a claim when he either: Can no longer […]