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What to Know About Your New Medicare Card

If there is a way to scam you out of money, thieves will be all over it. Unfortunately this is happening with the rollout of the new Medicare cards. Medicare is removing Social Security numbers from Medicare cards. By April 2019, all Medicare participants will receive a replacement insurance card with a new, unique number. […]

Medicare. Medicaid. What’s the Difference?

Medicare and Medicaid are both government-sponsored medical insurance programs funded by taxes. They sound almost the same and are easily confused. They differ, however, by several factors: Eligibility Medicare is a medical insurance program with eligibility to enroll based primarily on age. It is available to individuals aged 65-years and older of any income level. […]

Social Security Numbers to be Jettisoned from Medicare Cards

At long last, Medicare is removing Social Security numbers from all Medicare cards. For any years the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which administers the Medicare health insurance program, resisted pressure to make this change. In 2015, however, Congress passed the Medicare Access and ChiP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) requiring CMS to replace the […]

Navigating the Unfathomable Complexities of Medicare

More than 95 percent of Americans aged 65 and older depend on Medicare for their health insurance coverage. With over 55 million people utilizing Medicare, you would think it would be simple to navigate. But, it is not. “There can be little about Medicare that is automatic or clear or, especially in the midst of […]

The Medicare Card Conundrum Solved

Two government issued cards display Social Security numbers: Social Security, and Medicare insurance. To help prevent identity theft, the Social Security Administration recommends you take your Social Security card out of your wallet; keep it at home in a safe place. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the organization that administers Medicare, prints […]

Medicare Advantage De-Mystified

“I’m worried I lost my Medicare coverage,” Beverly told me. She went to her chiropractor. When her chiropractor billed Medicare for services, the claim was denied. Both Beverly and her provider called Medicare to learn why the claim was rejected. Both came away believing Beverly was not insured. “How can this be?” Beverly asked. “My […]