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MemoryBanc: A Comprehensive Place to Store and Locate Your Information

If you were unexpectedly incapacitated, would your loved ones know which of your bills to pay?  Would they know how to contact your accountant or insurance agent, or even know who they are? Would they be able to give your health insurance information to your medical providers? Be able to check your e-mail? We all […]

Seven Sure Fire Tips for Financial Peace of Mind

A new year and a fresh start is upon us. Now is a good time to get your financial organization in shape. Here are seven tips to bring you peace of mind 1.Fashion a filing system. It doesn’t matter whether you use a filing cabinet, an electronic system or both. The point is to organize […]

Should You Automate Your Parents’ Bill Paying?

Handwriting checks is time consuming. Many of us no longer write checks to pay our own bills. If you are helping a parent or an older loved-one with bill paying, he or she may be resistant to newer methods. Paper checks are familiar to many seniors and make them feel safe. Should you transition your […]

Purge and Shred

Spring is a perfect time to purge unnecessary documents from your files. The extra space in file cabinets is a welcome relief from cramped, cuticle -tearing folders. When done annually, clearing out files doesn’t take much time. You can think about documents in terms of storage time and storage location. There are four lengths of […]

Avoid Making a Mess of Your Parents’ Finances – Part II

Messes are sometimes what results when well-meaning adult children take over their parents’ checkbooks. In my last blog, I gave three best practices for paying elders’ bill. In this post, I offer three more: Keep your money separate. If you have a joint account, deposit only your parent’s money into it, and pay only your […]

Avoid Making a Mess of Your Parents’ Finances – Part I

As our parents age, we may find ourselves taking over their checkbooks. Their bills need to be paid even when they can no longer write checks themselves. In my work as a daily money manager I have seen many interesting arrangements. Although they mean well, adult children sometimes handle their parents’ daily finances in ways […]