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What to Know About Your New Medicare Card

If there is a way to scam you out of money, thieves will be all over it. Unfortunately this is happening with the rollout of the new Medicare cards. Medicare is removing Social Security numbers from Medicare cards. By April 2019, all Medicare participants will receive a replacement insurance card with a new, unique number. […]

Who Needs Your Social Security Number? (And When to Refuse to Give it Out)

Recently, as my daughter was deciding which college she will attend next fall, I was looking over the various schools’ acceptance forms. Many asked for her Social Security number.  I told Gabriella not to give the school her number. “Why?” she asked. “Because they have no legal right to it,” I said. Your Social Security […]

The Medicare Card Conundrum Solved

Two government issued cards display Social Security numbers: Social Security, and Medicare insurance. To help prevent identity theft, the Social Security Administration recommends you take your Social Security card out of your wallet; keep it at home in a safe place. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the organization that administers Medicare, prints […]