Helping you Manage the Financial Details of Your Life

Services for Professionals

Money Care assists professionals, including attorneys, accountants, investment advisors, geriatric care managers, professional guardians, and agents by power of attorney, with managing their clients’ daily financial details. Money Care works directly with either the client or the client’s advisor to provide oversight and administer the individual’s day-to-day affairs.

Services include:

  • Managing bill payments and mail
  • Monitoring and reconciling financial accounts
  • Overseeing cash flow
  • Tracking income and expenses
  • Overseeing charitable contributions and gifts
  • Helping to protect the client from financial abuse and fraud
  • Handling questions with vendors
  • Organizing tax documents and financial records
  • Providing regular reports
  • Preparing court financial accountings
  • Coordinating the completion of financial and legal paperwork
  • Serving as fiduciary and, in Vermont, as executor for simple estates

Money Care’s daily money management services complement the work of legal, tax and investment professionals to support clients’ long-term financial goals.

Services outside Chittenden County, Vermont are provided electronically. Individuals looking for assistance with budgeting and debt reduction are encouraged to seek consultants who specialize in these areas.

Money Care follows the Code of Ethics of the American Association of Daily Money Managers

couple shakes hands with financial planner
elderly couple with financial planner
Some of my clients have been very fortunate to have the assistance of Robyn for their bookkeeping needs. Robyn’s blend of empathy, kindness, organization and attention to detail is essential for transitioning wary clients who are reluctant to accept help to those who not only accept and trust Robyn but who also come to rely on her. In addition, Robyn trouble-shoots very effectively, keeping the financial process for clients running as smoothly as possible, and her professional judgment is excellent.
Nancy K. de Tarnowsky

Attorney, Dinse Knapp & McAndrew, P.C.