Helping you Manage the Financial Details of Your Life


In my capacity as investment manager I have had the opportunity to use Robyn’s bookkeeping services on several occasions with my clients. She has always handled her services with great professionalism, confidentiality, and grace. My clients like her and enjoy working with her. She has handled the finances for many trust accounts where I am trustee or executor and has paid bills, run reports and met with clients and relatives of clients. I give her my highest recommendation and have high confidence in the quality and timeliness of her work. She is also a superb human being to work within these matters.
Gary W. Eley

With her superior intelligence, extraordinary attention to detail and her ability to foresee problems before they occur, Robyn’s wise counsel has become essential to the overall management of both my private practice and the non-profit corporation which I chair. My praise of Robyn would be incomplete without my acknowledging the ease with which she works, her compassion, kindness and patience in supporting me, as I adjust to the process of aging and becoming increasingly visually impaired.
Sahra Aschenbach

Sole Proprietor of Sahra Aschenbach, Spiritually Focused Psychotherapy, Pathwork Helper and President, Pathwork Vermont Inc.

I first became aware of Robyn’s interest in assisting others with money management when she volunteered to be a representative payee for an elder in the community. Robyn has demonstrated that she possesses the ability to keep meticulous accounting records of expenses and has displayed a caring and compassionate attitude. I would strongly recommend her services.
Helen Turcotte

Champlain Valley Agency on Aging

Working with Robyn has been a great experience. I have used her services since 2006, allowing me to focus on my career and business. In addition to computerizing my personal financial records, Robyn pays my bills, keeps track of expenses, and organizes tax documents. She is organized, conscientious, dependable, and attentive to details. She brings any issues to my attention and helps me resolve them. I have great confidence in Robyn and she is a delightful person to work with. I can recommend her without any reservations.
Jim Howe

Shelburne, Vermont

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Robyn handles my mail when I travel. She has faultless good judgment, knowing what is important and what is not. She follows through on the details, and continually demonstrates impeccable integrity and professionalism with my personal business.
E. M.

Shelburne, Vermont

I use Robyn’s services to manage the finances for my elderly grandmother. This service is one aspect of enabling her to continue living in her own home. I have great peace of mind knowing that Robyn is keeping a close watch on every detail, keeping my grandmother’s best interest at the top of her mind, and keeping me well informed. She is meticulous, thoughtful, and professional and I would highly recommend her services.

Williston, VT

I have worked with Robyn for a number of years and I have always been impressed by her conscientiousness and her attention to detail. But what really sets Robyn apart is her intelligence and resourcefulness in financial matters. She is always thinking three or four steps ahead, which helps eliminate unpleasant surprises.
Dana Baron

Former President, Mount Mansfield Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Some of my clients have been very fortunate to have the assistance of Robyn for their bookkeeping needs. Robyn’s blend of empathy, kindness, organization and attention to detail is essential for transitioning wary clients who are reluctant to accept help to those who not only accept and trust Robyn but who also come to rely on her. In addition, Robyn trouble-shoots very effectively, keeping the financial process for clients running as smoothly as possible, and her professional judgment is excellent.
Nancy K. de Tarnowsky

Attorney, Dinse Knapp & McAndrew, P.C.